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Welcome to our website!

Our church, is located on the corner of 7th and Stone Streets in Falls City, Nebraska.

We are the small church with the BIG HEART!

If you don't know where we are, the main street in town is called Harlan, and Stone is one block west.  7th Street is on the south side of town.  On 7th and Harlan, there is a memorial with a tank, an anchor, a propeller, etc, so if you see the tank, just look a little farther - we are easy to find.

For further information about our church, what we are doing, what we believe, and why we all need Jesus Christ in our lives, please navigate around our site using the links above.

Our church is a Southern Baptist Convention member.  Here's a link to their web-site: http://www.sbc.net.

Faith Baptist Church
7th & Stone Street
P.O. Box 14
Falls City, NE  68355
(402) 245-3748




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